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CobraAccounts Class

The CobraAccounts class is designed to interact with the Cobra Accounts API. It serves as a client for managing account-related and administrative operations through the API. This class acts as a centralized point to configure and execute HTTP requests to the Cobra Accounts service, simplifying the process of integrating account management features into applications.

Most of the members of this class are virtual, so it is possible to subclass it and customize it.


  • Account Management: Provides a virtual AccountClient property for performing operations related to account management. This allows for actions such as creating, updating, and deleting user accounts through the API.
  • Administrative Operations: Offers a virtual AdminClient property to execute administrative tasks. This is useful for roles that require oversight or management capabilities over accounts, providing a straightforward interface for these operations.
  • Base URL Configuration: Enables setting and retrieving the base URL of the Cobra Accounts service through the BaseUrl property. This flexibility ensures that the client can adapt to different environments or service endpoints.
  • HTTP Communication: Utilizes an underlying HttpClient for network communication. This protected property ensures that all HTTP requests are executed efficiently and securely, leveraging the robust features of HttpClient.