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Getting Started

It's easy to start with Cobra Observables.

  • First you need to download & import Cobra Logging into you Unity project.
  • Then you can import the Cobra Observables package to your project.
  • Once you've imported everything the only thing left to do is add the using statement:
using ByteCobra.Observables;

Now you're ready to use observables in your project! To learn how, look at the example code provided in the project.

For more details on key classes like the Observed class and the ObservedCollection class, check out our documentation. It has more information to help you understand them better. Even though not all classes are covered in the documentation, many work similarly to the Observed and ObservedCollection classes, so you'll catch on quickly.

Also, all classes have XML comments. This means you can easily find more information by just hovering over a member in your IDE. So, even without a lot of documentation, you can quickly find the information you need while working with Cobra Observables.