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Warning Log

Imagine you're the captain of a ship navigating through uncharted waters. The night is dark, but there's a beacon - a light signaling caution. This is what Warning in the Cobra Logging system embodies for a Unity developer. It doesn't scream emergency; instead, it softly whispers, "Tread carefully."

At the heart of development lies a constant struggle to balance ambition with prudence. We push boundaries, but not recklessly so. The Warning log is that gentle nudge, the guiding light ensuring we don’t stray too far off the mark.


  • message: This is your message. Think of it as the warning bell. It tells you straight up what's up, like "Hey, the texture's taking a bit long to load" or "Woah, the player did something unexpected."
  • state: Want a closer look? The state gives you a peek into what was happening when the warning came up. It could be how much health a player had or what the score was. This is an optional parameter.

When Would I Use a Warning Log in Unity?

  • Performance Heads-Up: Spotting the early signs of things slowing down.
  • Resource Check: Telling you when you're running low on memory or any game resource.
  • Checking Internet Stuff: Like when the game's talking to online servers and things don't go as planned.
  • Game Limits: Like if your game character collects too many coins or goes out of the game's boundary.


Imagine you've got a game where players collect magic orbs. But there's a limit to how many they can have. You'd wanna know if a player is close to that limit:

void OnOrbCollection()
    if (player.OrbsCollected >= MaxOrbs - 5)
        Log.Warning("Player's close to the orb limit! They've got: " 
        + player.OrbsCollected);

This way, before the player hits the orb limit, you get a heads-up. Maybe you want to pop a message for the player or change how the game works.

The Warning log is like that buddy who always has your back, making sure you know about stuff before it becomes a bigger problem. It's all about giving you the info you need so you can make the best call.