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Cobra Updater

Cobra Updater simplifies the process of building, updating, and distributing games. It offers a streamlined and intuitive deployment experience for both developers and players, ensuring the management and rollout of game versions are efficient, hassle-free, and reliable.

Currently supporting Windows in both 32 and 64-bit versions, Cobra Updater is built with a flexible architecture, primed for future expansions.


Unity Launcher Demo

  • Download Link
  • Demonstrates seamless integration with the Unity environment.

Console Launcher Demo

  • Download Link
  • Showcases the ease of deployment in console-based applications.

Optimal Patching System

  • Binary Difference Patches: Downloads the full initial base version of the game, followed by smaller, update-specific patches, reducing download size and bandwidth usage.

Robust Server Configuration

  • Secure Server Setup: Detailed instructions for setting up a domain with reverse proxy and HTTPS encryption, including SSL/TLS certificate automation.
  • Rate Limiting Functionality: Servers are equipped with rate limiting to prevent DDoS attacks, enhancing security.
  • Docker Container Integration: Simplified server setup and maintenance with Docker, adaptable for both Linux and Windows environments.

User-Friendly Unity Editor Window

  • Streamlines development workflow within Unity, enabling efficient build, upload, and version management directly from the editor.

High Code Quality

  • Modular, Clean Codebase: Well-organized code designed for easy modification and extension.
  • Memory Efficient: Designed to be memory efficient, ensuring that the entire game is never loaded into memory at once.

Comprehensive Version Control

  • Clear Versioning System: Utilizes a standard major.minor patch system for consistent tracking.
  • Legacy Version Support: Allows rolling back to previous versions easily.

Enhanced Scalability

  • Multi-Game and Team Management: Supports multiple games and diverse team roles for collaborative development.

Security and Personalization

  • Team Authentication: Ensures secure access control for team members.
  • Customizable Player Authentication: Verifies players before allowing download updates, with the ability to integrate custom systems.

Comprehensive Resource Toolkit

  • Versatile Components: Includes MonoBehaviours and components compatible with .NET Standard 2.1, .NET 6 up to 8, and .NET Framework for Unity and standalone C# projects.
  • Ready-to-Use Examples: Pre-built launchers for immediate use or as a foundation for custom solutions.
  • Full Source Code Availability: Complete access to the source code for maximum customization.

Additional Features

  • Auto Repair: Automated repair functionality for non-launchable applications.


For more detailed information, check out the documentation included in the asset.


Before importing this asset, ensure Cobra Logging (now free) is imported. Link

Community Support

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