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Getting Started

Embarking on your journey with Cobra Logging is a straightforward process. Begin by importing the package into your Unity project and incorporating the namespace into your scripts:

using ByteCobra.Logging;

Customizing the Logging System

Cobra Logging is not only robust but also flexible, offering a scriptable object used for storing your custom settings. To create a new settings object, right-click within any of your project folders and navigate through:

ByteCobra -> Logging -> Create Settings

This action spawns a new settings object, presenting you with the ability to personalize the logging system. Settings can be configured either programmatically or via one of the included prefabs.

For prefab-based settings selection, simply add the Cobra Settings prefab from the settings folder to your scene. Upon addition, select it and assign a settings object tailored with the configurations you wish to employ. ‚Äč

Code Modification

Certain components of the logging system are delivered pre-compiled as assemblies (.dll files) to ensure optimal functionality, particularly regarding interactive logging, which may not operate correctly if the classes are directly integrated as source code within Unity.

Nonetheless, the source code is inclusively provided to empower you with the flexibility to make requisite modifications. Simply build the modified source and drag it into your Unity projects. The assembly for this package can be located within the Plugins folder.