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Cobra Reflection

Welcome to Cobra Reflection, a powerful and versatile reflection utility library that empowers C# developers to harness the full potential of reflection in their applications. This library provides a collection of extension methods and caches designed to simplify the process of working with reflection, enabling you to access and manipulate types, fields, methods, attributes, and more at runtime.

Reflection is a fundamental feature of C# that allows developers to inspect and modify types, objects, and assemblies during runtime. It is a valuable tool for creating dynamic, flexible, and extensible applications that can adapt to changing requirements. However, working with reflection directly can be cumbersome and error-prone due to its complex API and performance considerations.

The Cobra Reflection library was created to address these challenges and make reflection more accessible and efficient for developers. It provides a set of intuitive and easy-to-use extension methods that encapsulate complex reflection operations, allowing you to perform tasks like accessing fields, invoking methods, and retrieving attributes.

Key Features

  • Type Extensions: Cobra Reflection offers a wide range of extension methods for working with types, such as determining type hierarchies, checking for type assignments, and inspecting interfaces implemented by a type.
  • Field and Method Extensions: With Cobra Reflection, you can easily access fields and invoke methods on objects using reflection. The library provides options for thread-safe field access, generic method invocation, and more.
  • Attribute Extensions: Cobra Reflection simplifies the process of working with attributes via reflection. You can easily retrieve single or multiple occurrences of specific attributes applied to types, methods, properties, and more.
  • Constructor Extensions: The library facilitates the construction of objects by matching the appropriate constructor based on provided parameters. It ensures a type-safe and straightforward way to create objects using reflection.