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Cobra Transports

Cobra Transports is a versatile and low-level networking library tailored for Unity, as well as other C# projects that target .NET Standard 2.1 or higher. This library facilitates the efficient transmission of byte data between computers, offering a robust foundation for networked applications. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our Cobra Network package, Cobra Transports also provides the flexibility needed to develop custom network libraries from scratch. Whether you're building multiplayer games, real-time applications, or any networked software, Cobra Transports stands as a reliable cornerstone for your networking needs.

Key Features

  • Broad Compatibility: Cobra Transports is designed to be highly adaptable, supporting both Unity projects and standalone C# applications. This makes it an excellent choice for developers working across a range of platforms and project types.

  • Multiple Transport Protocols: The library includes support for various transport protocols, ensuring you can choose the one that best fits your project's requirements. Lidgren offers a high-performance implementation of reliable UDP, ideal for fast-paced applications where efficiency is key. TCP provides a dependable stream-based communication channel, perfect for scenarios where data integrity and order are crucial. For WebGL projects, the WebSocket transport ensures compatibility and real-time communication capabilities.

  • Unity Dispatcher: Integration with Unity is made seamless through a dedicated dispatcher, designed to ensure that network operations harmonize with Unity's game loop and event system. This enables smooth and reliable data handling within the Unity environment, enhancing the overall stability and performance of your Unity-based projects.

Important Dependencies

To leverage the full capabilities of Cobra Transports, it's essential to import Cobra Observables and Cobra Logging into your project. These dependencies play a critical role in the library's operation, offering advanced state management through observables and comprehensive logging solutions. Before proceeding with the implementation of Cobra Transports, please ensure these packages are included in your project setup.