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Cobra Logging is not just about ensuring that your application's logs are meticulously detailed and well-organized, but also about making sure they are visually distinguishable and easy on the eyes. With the ColorSettings class, you have full control over the colors in which different log messages appear. Tailoring the color scheme to your preferences or to suit specific environments can greatly enhance readability and immediate recognition of log severities.

The ColorSettings class within the ByteCobra.Logging.Settings namespace is your personal artist's palette for log messages. Each log type can be colored differently, ensuring that at a single glance, you can identify the nature and severity of a message.

How to Customize Programatically

var colorSettings = new CatLog.Settings.ColorSettings
    DebugLogColor = "purple",
    InfoLogColor = "green",
    // ... and so on for other log types

With Cobra Logging's ColorSettings, your logs can be as vibrant or as muted as you'd like. Whether you prefer bold colors that jump off the screen or subtle shades that are easy on the eyes, customization is just a property away. By assigning different colors to different log types, you're not just personalizing your log's appearance, but also enhancing its functionality and readability. Happy logging!